Site Policy


This website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) is operated and managed by Haso Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). Please read the following Privacy Policy and only continue using the Website if you agree with its contents. Note that the contents of the Privacy Policy are subject to change at any time without prior warning.

System requirements

As of Mar. 2, 2016, the Website recommends the following browser requirements.

Recommended OS
PC: Windows 7 or later, Max OS X or later
Smartphone: iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.4. or later
Recommended browsers
PC: IE9 or later, the latest Google Chrome, the latest Firefox, the latest Safari
Smartphone: Service provider’s standard browser (iPhone and Android)
Adobe Reader 5.0 or later
Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files on the website. Please download the software first before accessing the website.

About personal information

Any personal information obtained from a visitor of the Website (hereinafter to be referred to as “the User”) by the Company through the Website will be used for the sole purpose of responding to customer inquiries (e.g. by contacting the customer directly or sending the customer relevant materials). No information will be entrusted or provided to a third party without the User’s approval.

About links

Users accessing links on the Website that lead to third party websites (hereinafter to be referred to as “Linked Sites”) do so at their own risk. The Company cannot be held liable for any damage the User incurs by visiting these Linked Sites.
The User may, in principle, post links to the Website from their own website. However, the Company reserves the right to forbid the User from doing so based on the content of the website (e.g. if it is of an antisocial nature) or the method in which the link is posted.

Forbidden actions

  1. 1. The Company forbids the User from conducting the following actions.
    1. 1) Actions that may or will cause damage to the Company or a third party.
    2. 2) Actions that may or will infringe on the property, reputation, privacy, or other rights belonging to the Company or a third party.
    3. 3) Actions that may be or are considered antisocial.
    4. 4) False declarations (e.g. registering with someone else’s email address)
    5. 5) Using or providing harmful computer programs (e.g. computer viruses)
    6. 6) Sending unsolicited spam, newsletters, or other emails
    7. 7) Any other action that may be or is considered against the law
    8. 8) Any other action considered improper by the Company
  2. 2. The User agrees to give the Company the right to seek damages against the User if the User conducts any of the above actions.


The Company makes every effort to monitor the information that is published on the Website. However, the Company cannot guarantee that the Website will always function as intended; that errors will not occur; that mistakes will be fixed in a timely manner; and that the Website and its server will not be infected with computer viruses and other harmful programs. No information published on the Website should be taken as a guarantee of future performance or results. The Company cannot be held liable for the User’s usage of or inability to use the information published on the Website, nor can it be held liable for any damage caused by the User’s usage of said information.

The Company reserves the right to change the information on the Website without prior notice. The Company may decide at any time to temporarily halt or terminate its operation of the Website. The Company cannot be held liable for any damage caused, for any reason, by changes in the information on the Website, or its decision to temporarily halt or terminate its operation of the Website.