Technological excellence and our large number of patents.

Has 63 patents 152 patents pendingHaso’s strengths lie in our technological excellence and our large number of patents.

Technology of Haso 1 Revolutionary Material A new functional material

Haso’s material keeps you cool, comfortable and dry  Spend your days in comfort with the latest technology

Haso has developed an entirely new material that combines three attributes: Quick Dry ability, breathability, and heat dissipation.

The material provides comfort in a number of different products, from incontinence underwear to children’s diapers, disposable and disposable underwear for travel and active life style , and sports underwear.

  • Quick Dry
  • Breathable
  • Heat dissipating

Revolutionary Material  Innovative, functional material.

Dries Fast

  • Quick dry ability

A Material that dries at an extraordinary fast

Haso’s proprietary new material quickly absorbs water and then dries rapidly. Whether being active or enduring the summer heat, wearing the material helps you stay dry for long periods of time, without worrying about their sweat. *Tested for sweat absorption and quick-drying ability that meets Japanese Industrial Standards.

Easily wicks away moisture

  • Breathable

Industry leading breathability

With Haso’s new material, moisture evaporates from the fabric before it has a chance to collect. The result is a level of breathability that surpasses even that of outdoor clothing. The material guarantees a long-lasting comfortable feel. * Tested for breathability based on Japanese Industrial Stnadards.

Easily dissipates heat

Comfort all day and all night!✳︎

Haso’s new functional material easily dissipates heat. Enjoy a level of comfort that doesn’t diminish with time.* Tested for heat dissipation based on Japanese Industrial Standards.

A future in many different products!

Haso’s new material promises innovation in a wide range of Products. The possibilities are endless. We will continue applying our technologies to products To make people feel comfortable.





A new functional material

Products that use our new material

『HASO Underwear』Disposable Adult Incontinence Underwear .

  1. 1| Very gentle on the skin The material’s elasticity provides a perfect fit. While other brand incontinence underwear require a belt to hold them in place.
  2. 2|Extremely comfortable This material brings three high-performance attributes; Quick Dry, breathable and dissipates heat.
  3. 3|Highly absorbent and deodorizing The product is equipped with a replaceable pad that rapidly absorbs light amounts of urination and also deodorizes the fabric. This makes it both economical and environmentally friendly.
  4. 4|Fashionable Haso’s new material can be printed with many different colors and patterns. Personalize you look, and say goodbye to the usual dull colors of incontinence underwear.