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Personal Information Regulations

In order to properly protect and manage customers’ personal information, HASO Company has implemented strict management of the processing of personal information.

Management and retention of personal information
In order to respect privacy, HASO company believes that personal information is important information that needs to be protected, and strictly manages and preserves it when collecting and using customer personal information. Obtain personal information
When obtaining personal information, we will collect it in a legal and fair manner within an appropriate range.

In the following situations, HASO company may obtain personal information within the necessary scope:
(A) E-mail (B) Phone number (C) Various documents

Use and provision of personal information
Generally, HASO companies use personal information provided by customers for the following purposes.
(1) When we provide services to customers.
(2) Content used to respond to customer inquiries.
(3) Used when contacting customers.

Disclosure of personal information
Except for disclosure requests issued by judicial investigation agencies through legal procedures in accordance with laws or regulations, HASO Company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without personal permission.。