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Leakproof beverage lid

  • Environmentally friendly paper lid
  • Reduces the problem of microplastics
  • Excellent compatibility with paper cups with improved seal
  • Can be used for hot and cold beverages
  • Can be used for takeout and delivery
  • Paper can be recycled

Product advantages and characteristics


Easy to use

  • Use your palm to close the lid
  • Easy to open and close


Pull-top drinking

  1. Lightly pull up the tab
  2. Fold the tab
  3. A hooking claw is formed
  4. Insert the hooking claw into the slit in the top surface
  5. Drink
  6. Can use straw



Filled cup full of hot coffee and tilted it 45 degrees with drinking spout and cup seam on the tilted side and observed for 3 minutes
→ No Leaks


Prevent blowout

Filled cup full of cold carbonated drink and shook
horizontally and
ertically and observed for 10 seconds
Blowout prevented


Special structure lid stays secured if cup tips over